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Tap Dance can be defined as a step dance tapped out audibly by means of shoes with hard soles, or soles and heels, to which taps have been added. These taps are usually made from metal pieces which give the shoes their unique sound. Tap dance classes have been hugely popular for many years.

Tap is believed to have begun during the mid-1800s by slaves from Africa who had been taken to America. They combined a style of European dancing with African rhythms whilst using their feet to create the percussive sounds. Tap dancing continued to evolve and started being used as part of minstrel shows, vaudeville acts and in the circus.

The emergence of ragtime music in 1920s America meant tap was then infused with jazz. Over the next few decades, different styles were created with differing emphasis on speed, precision and execution. By the time the 1950s was ending, jazz and tap dance were declining in popularity with the rise of rock and roll. A new form of jazz emerged during this time called jazz dance which evolved out of tap dancing. Over the years, there has been a revival in interest in tap dance and it continues to be a popular form of dance today.

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There are a number of different variations of tap dance with the two most popular being rhythm and Broadway:

  • Rhythm tap is a more grounded style that focuses on the acoustics rather than the aesthetics. It uses heel drops for percussion and lower body movements. The focus with this style is mainly on the feet.
  • Broadway or musical tap focuses mainly on the dance and is primarily performed as part of musical theatre. A lot of upper body movement is used to create an arguably more exciting dance.
  • Soft Shoe tap uses light, graceful movements without the need for traditional tap dancing shoes. The quieter sound produced is often enhanced by scattering sand on the stage.
  • Buck and Wing tap is a lively style that combines both Irish and British clog dancing. It is known for its fast footwork and high kicks. More emphasis is put on movement from below the waist.
  • Classical tap, also known as flash or swing, combines a range of different styles from ballet, jazz and acrobatics. It is characterised by acrobatic stunts and big leg movements.
  • Class Acts uses a similar style to classical but is more refined. The acrobatics and gymnastics are not used but the high tempo and percussive nature is retained.
  • Jazz tap evolved from ragtime music in the early 1900s. This style of tap utilises syncopated rhythms with a fast tempo and emphasis on precision and lightness.
  • Hoofing is more percussive and rhythmic with importance placed on stamps and stomps.
  • Funk tap has emerged in the last few years and is influenced by hip hop. The aim is to create something fun and contemporary whilst still retaining the traditional tap techniques.

Tap Classes With The Lodge School Of Theatre Dance

The Lodge School are excited to be able to offer a wide range of tap dance lessons regardless of your level of skills and experience. Our expert team willteach you a variety of different styles and techniques as well as being a fun and exciting form of dance to learn. Many of our students enroll at the Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) after training with ourselves.

Call us on 07758 412854 to speak to one of our staff about the tap classes we can provide or to book your free trial class today. Alternatively, you can email us at thelodgeschooloftheatredance@hotmail.com

”My daughters aged 15 and 12 have danced at The Lodge since they were 7. The lessons that they have learnt go beyond the skills required to reach the very high standard of ballet modern and tap they have achieved. They have also learnt the discipline needed to do well in dance as well as the enjoyment of seeing the results of all their hard work. Participation in shows and festivals both as soloists and group participants have given them confidence and provided them with some wonderful memories of experiences shared with friends”

- Mrs Hill Mother of Charlotte and Lucy Hill -

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